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Buckeye Dealership Consulting is a diverse company specializing in re-insurable products for today’s auto dealers. We work with our clients to provide products such as Limited Warranties, Vehicle Service Contracts, CPI, GAP, as well as other F&I products. By working with BDC, we can help set up profitable programs that will also allow better risk management and capital growth.

Reinsurance Company Management

Buckeye’s reinsurance company management division specializes in the design and set up of Producer Associated Reinsurance Companies (PARCs). Couple this with the ability to customize programs specific to each dealer’s situation, and we are unmatched in the industry today. We can: – Customize rates and terms – Customize F&I promotional material – Net remittance of claims and cancellations – 100% control of the investments – Loans up to 80% of the unearned premium and 100% of the earned – Dividends of earned premium at any time during the year.

We overstaff our accounting department to ensure you receive prompt and complete financial statements on a quarterly or monthly basis, keeping you well informed of the financial health of your program. Our in-house accounting department is always available to answer your questions or concerns and to offer consulting services when needed. This could include talking with your bank or other financial institution on setting up accounts, working with your accountant to optimize your consolidated financial statements, or helping you find the best buyer when you want to sell notes.

Reinsurable F&I Products

Limited Warranties

Limited Warranties cover the vehicle from mechanical breakdown in the event a covered component fails. Limited Warranties are given to the customer along with the sale of the vehicle. Including a warranty with each vehicle sold increases post sale customer satisfaction, conveys that you stand behind your product, and increases payment regularity.

Vehicle Service Contracts

Vehicle Service Contracts “VSCs” cover the vehicle from mechanical breakdown in the event a covered component fails. VSCs could also have advanced care such as roadside assistance, towing, and rental car reimbursement. VSCs are offered to customers as a separate sale item.


Guaranteed Asset Protection “GAP” covers the difference between the note balance and the insurance settlement in the event of a total loss. Oftentimes the customer is left with a balance after insurance settlement. This coverage provides a benefit to customer and lienholder.


Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI) is a commercial policy that lenders (finance companies) buy to protect their assets (vehicles) in the event of a physical damage loss to an otherwise uninsured vehicle. If a customer fails to provide adequate physical damage insurance on their vehicle, the lender has the right to place the asset on CPI. At that point, CPI premium can be collected from customers to reimburse lienholder for premiums paid. CPI coverage is a Comprehensive & Collision product and does not provide liability coverage.

VSI Insurance

Vendor’s Single Interest “VSI” covers a lender (finance company) for costs associated with a skip and repossession. Expenses such as skip tracing, towing, storage, physical damage, and administrative expenses associated with the repossession process are covered under a VSI policy.

Debt Cancellation Contracts

Debt Cancellation Contracts “DCCs” cancel the customer’s obligation to pay lienholder in the event of a total loss.

Credit Life and Disability

Credit Life and Credit Disability are products that will satisfy the customer’s obligation to pay lienholder in the event of death or disability to customer.

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What Are The Benefits of BDC?

You Control Your Money

Giving You Control Of Your Money

No doubt you’ll make money, but we’ll even tailor it to your preference.

Quarterly Financial Reporting

Each quarter we send you the break down of how you make money.

Net Remitting

Let’s talk this one out! Contact us.

Tax Statements

We’ll have the statements prepared in a timely manner at the end of each year.

Financial Reporting

Buckeye meets with each of its dealer clients on a quarterly basis to review premium flow and claims history to insure a profitable reinsurance company. We present this information in a useful quarterly report that is easy to read and understand. We also arrange for the yearly tax return to be prepared in a timely manner.

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