Reinsurance Products.

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Reinsurance Products

Our reinsurance products are tailored for the Buy Here Pay Here dealer which has different needs than new car/independent dealers. Our Warranty and Service Contract programs offer the most customization and control available.


100% of the underwriting profits, and investment income are those of the dealer.


You direct reinsurance company investments.


We do not require trust accounts or mandate the use of certain banking institutions. You decide where your account is held.


Buckeye knows that you, the dealer, can maximize the return on investment and take advantage of business opportunities with properly structured loans from unearned premiums in the reinsurance company. We will setup the proper loan documents and manage the repayments for you.


Because it is your money, there is no reason to float claims and cancellation payments or interrupt investments. We encourage you to deduct claims and cancellations from your regular new business remittance simplifying the remittance process and optimizing cash flow.


Cession statements are available in real time from our online portal. Reinsurance financial statements are provided quarterly.


We handle our own reinsurance company formations as well as the continued maintenance of these entities in house. Others use third party companies for this sacrificing control and efficiency.

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What Are The Benefits of BDC?

You Control Your Money 

Giving You Control Of Your Money

No doubt you’ll make money, but we’ll even tailor it to your preference.


Quarterly Financial Reporting

Each quarter we send you the break down of how you make money.


Net Remitting

Let’s talk this one out! Contact us.


Tax Statements

We’ll have the statements prepared in a timely manner at the end of each year.


Financial Reporting


Buckeye meets with each of its dealer clients on a quarterly basis to review premium flow and claims history to insure a profitable reinsurance company. We present this information in a useful quarterly report that is easy to read and understand. We also arrange for the yearly tax return to be prepared in a timely manner.

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